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Now recruiting for the 2014/2015 school year!
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Youth Legislature Organization Locker
2/26/18 3:34 PM

Youth Legislature

Field Trip Information for March!

Please refer to the information sheet for payment dates and other information. 

***PLEASE NOTE: Students will not be allowed to attend the trip if they receive a major behavior complaint or a long referral. In the event that a student cannot go on the trip because of a behavior issue, their payment is non-refundable.



Congratulations to our new YOUTH LEG MEMBERS!

Olivia Bamburg

Amanda Bequette

Tyler Bouillion

Piper Brown

Abbigail Carter

Kayleigh Cash

Hayley Chandler

Abbigail Cooper

Autumn Daley

Evalyn Dang

Lydia Dang

Caelyn Ehle

Jaden Glover

Carmennesha Hamilton

Elijah Harper

Joanie Harris

Palmer Hearne

Sophia Holt

Karleigh Landry

Mayne Lemon

Kara Mondello

Megan Morway

Starsky Murrell

Barrett Newman

Brady Norcross

Connor Norcross

Emily Robinson

Katie Roman

Anthony Salazar

Hailee Scroggins

Caroline Smith

Sarah Sutton

Madison Vascoe

Justina Vo

Solomon Washington

Noah Wolf