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Contact Kristi Loyd  Kristi Loyd (318) 759-2462 6th Grade Social Studies
Contact Rachel Smith  Rachel Smith (318) 759-2466 6th Grade Social Studies

Student Council

2017-2018 Elm Grove Middle School Student Council

8th grade: Alyssa Sojourner, Amiya Beckwith, Anna Kate Montgomery, Autumn Lostaglia, Beyoncee Hulzar, Carley FInk, Chloe Shelton, Chris Mendiola, Dayton Cockerham,Dayton Shelton, Harley Pierce, Hayley Chandler, Iziah Lewis, Kara Mondello, Kayleigh Pace, LeighAnne Ballew, Molly Decker, Natalie Elledge, Sydney Loux, Zach Newman


7th grade: Anden Arnold, Annabeth Rains, Audrey Garlington, Barrett Newman, Brooklyn Hayden, Brooklyn Schroeder, Bryce Turner, Clay Lewandowski, Elijah Harper, Evalyn Dang, Hollen Burrow,  Hope Barnett, Jada Payne,  Jake Morton, Kaiden Harris, Kaylea Scott, Leah Faustner,  Macy Scott,  Muhammad Yousef,  Siera Patton


6th grade: Addison Norcross, Allison Levesque, Anna Claire Raymond,  Aubrey Wallace, Dade Loyd, Emma Dell'orso, Gage Haley, Gracie Harper, Hagen Marze, Isabel Bright, Jeremiah Spitler, Jordan Bailey, Josh Chandler, Kate Rich, Kaylee Raab, Landry Johnson,  Milana Harris, Noah Grady, Parker Tracy, Peyton Levy, Rabiha Yousef, Savannah Gann


  • Valentine’s Day Desserts- remember to bring desserts for the teachers during your lunch shift. Can be dropped off to us in the morning if need be. (Label with your name and grade)

  • February Social- Valentine's Party Saturday, February 17, 2018  from 2-4pm at Bellaire Baptist Complex (across the street)  

    • Bring Valentine’s for you grade level Student Council members

    • We will be making bags to put them in at the party

    • Casual Dress

    • Officers-Be on the lookout for a snack list

    • Social Officers are in charge of games at the party