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cross country

Practice Schedule

Runners, we will practice each Monday through Friday from 2:40pm until 4:00pm. Practice for 7th and 8th grade will start Wednesday August 7th after school. Practice for 6th grade will start on Thursday August 20th after school. Should there be issues with school events, weather, etc, I will make an announcement as early as possible and will send out a notification via remind. Sign up for Remind by texting @runegms19 to 81010.  It is important that students and parents sign up for remind. 


Welcome to EGMS XC!

Cross Country is a great way to exercise and be part of a team sport here at Elm Grove Middle School. There are certain responsibilities that fall on the athletes, including (but not limited to) maintaining a minimum GPA and behaving in a socially responsible manner. Students unable to do either will be excused from the team. 


XC 2019 Team

Congratulations to our 6th grade team! Practice starts Tuesday at 2:40- meet at the track. 6th grade parent meeting Wednesday 8-21 at 5:30 in C-wing. 

6th Girls

Melrose Beverly

Emma Castille

Milly Concillio

Camerine Ehle

Cordilla Harper

Jasmyn Hendrix

Khloie Johnson

Alaina Lebda Rivera

Lilly Lee

Kenadie Loche

Azariah Lyle

Madison Menard

Hannah Johnson

Kenadie William


6th Boys

Braxton Aycock

Caleb Evans

Camden Grady 

Miller Jagot

Noah Lafitte

Peyton Rayner

Ben Ruffilson 

Kaleb Williams

Konner Wood

Demarkus Evans

Wyatt Dymond

Owen Phipps

Captain Morvan 


7th/8th Girls

Taylor Bacot

Laila Brimmer

Faithlyn Chandler

Paityn Johnson

ElizaBeth Megee

Cheyenne Olson

Ember Pierce

Reagan Posey

Emily Rogers

Chellsey Tran

ILei Washington

Kendahl Winningham

Addison Woodward

7th/8th Boys

Jesus Cordova

Cole Dabbs

Gabe Falting

Noah Fox

Alex Gomez

Noah Grady

Donovan Hammock

Carson Keeler

Caleb Shirley

Kaiden Stewart

Travis Wood




7/31/19 6:51 PM

Cross Country

eagles XC

Thursday, September 5th

Date: Thursday, September 5th

Location: South Bossier Park

Directions: Head south down Barksdale Blvd, Take a left on Sligo Rd, turn right on Caplis Sligo.  The park is on the right on South Bossier Park Dr.  There is a sign there

Time:  6th grade girls 4:00 (1 mile) followed by 6th grade boys (1 mile), 7/8th grade girls (1.5 miles) and 7/8th grade boys (1.5 miles)

We will take a bus to the meet.  Parents must pick up their runner from the meet.          

EGM eagle

2019 Parent Letter


Cross Country Expectations and Contract for Summer and Fall 

Introduction: By representing the cross country team, you are committing yourself to the pursuit of a championship. Though running is an individual sport, every member of the cross country team contributes to the team’s success as a whole.


-Be on time. You must be dressed and ready to stretch at the start of practice. Practice starts at 2:40 and we meet at the track. 

-No cursing.

-Make every practice. If there is a legitimate reason you must miss, you need to let Coach Brunson know before that practice. Telling a team mate to let me know does not count. You need to be responsible and let me know yourself. 

-No soft drinks for the duration of the season. If you are caught, you will be given extra running tasks

-Wear proper attire (t-shirt, shorts, running shoes). You will run in whatever you have on so do not forget practice clothes!

-Always give your best.

-Even when you don’t agree with a practice plan, commit yourself. Each practice is designed with the purpose of getting you to run your best at the end of the season.


This year the cross country team will be centered around 5 principles.

1 Motivated Runners Find a Way

2 Hard Work Beats Talent

3 Excellence is Key-Give a Perfect Effort Every Day

4 Honesty is the Only Option

5 This is a TEAM Sport


A Cross Country Code of Conduct will be provided to be signed by you and your parents at the beginning of the season.


Every member of the team will have two goals.

1 Win the District Championship

2 Achieve a personal best in a cross country race

Though it is true that only one team can win the district championship, a team must believe it is possible before they can achieve such a goal. If a team does not believe in itself, then it will not be successful.

Commitment: Everyone will have good days and bad days throughout the season. Commit yourself to limiting the bad days and increasing the productive ones. The best way you can do this is by communicating with your teammates and coaches. If there is a problem or you need advice, let someone know.

There are two reasons to run cross country. 

1 To try to win meets and championships

2 To be a part of a team     

Both reasons are perfectly acceptable but understand that every person will be held to the same expectations

State Meet: Unlimited runners can compete in every meet except for the Louisiana State Games and NSU meet. 7 girls and 7 boys from each team will be selected to compete in both of those meets. The top 5 boys and girls by times will automatically be selected for the team. The other two spots will be selected by the coaches based on ability, attitude, and effort. Age, experience, and years on the team will not play a factor in the coaches’ decisions.

Fundraising and Fees: Cross Country is not a sport that generates funds. Therefore, each student will need to pay $50 to cover cost of uniforms, travel, meets, etc. We will also have a raffle ticket sale. Students will be required to sell 10 tickets.


I understand and agree with the policies set forth to be a member of the cross country team and commit myself to doing my best.

______________________________________            ______________________

Student Signature                            Date

______________________________________            ______________________

Parent Signature                            Date



Head Coach - Jerri Brunson

XC Meet Dates

9/05-   South Bossier Park

         Race time 4:00pm


9/14- South Bossier Park

      Border Dash

All athletes run a mile and a half in this race.  6th, 7th, and 8th compete against each other.

  Middle school girls 10:20

  Middle school boys 10:40


9/19- South Bossier Park

          Race time 4:00pm


9/28- Lincoln Parish Park

           Ruston, La

9 am 7th /8th girls

9:30 am 7th/8th boys

11:30 6th girls

11:45 6th boys


10/3- South Bossier Park

(Parish Championships)

         Race time 4:00pm


10/19- Ouachita High School

             Monroe, La

(Louisiana State Games)

10:00 am 6th girls

10:20 am 6th boys

10:40 am 7/8 girls

11:00 am 7/8 boys


10/26- NSU Meet

             Nachitoches, La


There is a $5.00 spectator fee. Concessions will also be available at the meets.

For the Thursday meets transportation will be provided to the meets, but athletes must have a ride pick them up from the meet. Saturday meets we will take a bus to and from the meet.  Only students that can run their entire event without walking will be able to participate and attend the meets.