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2016-17 Archery Team

Congratulations to the following Eagles for making the 2016-17 Elm Grove Archery Team. A parent letter and fundraising page will be going home today, 10/17. As always, please sign up for the Remind service (below) to stay up to date with archery dates and events.


Last Name First Name Grade
Abdeljabar Adam 6
Carter Gavin 6
Coleman Daniel 6
Glover Bryant 6
Lewandowski Clay 6
Morow Alayna 6
Pachon-Plunkett Peyton 6
Rivers Fenten 6
Roberts Jonah 6
Schutza Peyton 6
Williams Mikaylah 6
Ballew Jackson 7
Fontenot Ashton 7
Hewett Madison 7
Scott Dawson 7
Sepulvado Jordan 7
Cossey Sydney 8
Glover Jaden 8
Henderson Joshua 8
Hubbard Breezy 8
Lee Ryan 8
Miller Kynner 8
Phillips Madison 8
Powell Kathryn 8
Scott Dakota 8
Scroggins Hailee 8
Turner Jayce 8
Wood Hayden 8
Morow Ariel  



Athletics Locker

Team Changes

This year, archery at Elm Grove is a fully-sanctioned sport by Bossier Parish. With this comes the expectation of a minimum GPA and behavior standards. Students that do not meet these standards will not be allowed to participate until the following school year. 


End of Season

Hi parents and archers,


We are rapidly approaching the end of our archery season. Our next tournament is the State-level ALAS shoot-out, which will be Saturday (March 4). Our flight will be at 12:20, so all archers should arrive no later than 11:45. As a side note, the wait to get into the building or find parking is exponentially more difficult in the afternoon than our typical morning shoots, so you may want to plan your departure accordingly. Unfortunately for this tournament, I will be out of town, serving as a Groomsman in my brother's wedding - an event I committed to before this school year even began. Mr. Kiper will be serving as our coach that day; he is fully BAI certified and played a huge part in getting this program off the ground in it's early years. 


Should we make it to Nationals (which I want to be clear is a tremendous feat and requires essentially the best day that our combined team has ever had), the tournament is in Kentucky in the second week of May. We will cross this bridge when we get to it, but if any group was going to get us there, it would be this one. 


Should we miss the cut for Nationals, our final tournament will be a district-only shoot-out at Benton Middle School on Friday, March 17th. This tournament is required for all Parish schools and our flight begins at 6:20pm. Due to the small nature of this tournament, arrival at 6pm will be sufficient. 


I want to thank all of you for an amazing year as well as your patience and dedication in this sport. I have seen more growth in our archers this year than I believe I ever have before, and I think it indicates a successful future for this program at Elm Grove. 

Tournament Scores


Scores are out of a possible 300 points (150 at 10 meters, 150 at 15 meters).


Last Name First Name      HMS 10/31   HMS 12/03   Northern Region   State 
Lee Ryan 262 (High) 262 (High) 251  
Coleman Daniel 250 216 245  
Henderson Joshua 244 257 238  
Scroggins Hailee 243 (High) 243 238  
Miller Kynner 240 261 252  
Williams Mikaylah 231 243 265 (High)  
Schutza Peyton 225 260 225  
Hubbard Breanna 221 248 (High) 263  
Powell Kathryn 211 229 183  
Roberts Jonah 204 179 243  
Glover Bryant 203 181 181  
Morrow Ariel 202 172 129 -
Ballew Jackson 198 211 241  
Turner Jayce 198 228 203  
Pachon-Plunkett Peyton 192 214 189  
Phillips Madisyn 188 172 159  
Hewett Madison 174 213 202  
Scott Dakota 170 214 221  
Carter Gavin 168 180 182  
Rivers Fenten 165 210 222  
Morrow Alayna 164 180 192  
Fontenot Ashton 159 153 - -
Lewandowski Clay 158 211 204  
Scott Dawson 147 206 226  
Sepulvado Jordan 146 183 143 -
Cossey Sydney 126 105 143 -
Wood Hayden 126 - - -
Johnson Braxton - 150 131 -
Abdeljabar Adam 110 180 253 (High)  
Glover Jaden 106 185 161  
Reminders for Archery!
Reminders for Archery!

Team Data

Parents and athletes, see the below link for an updated look at your practice scores. Scored flights at practice consist of five shots, meaning your possible score is 50. This is a great tool to watch as your skills progress from week to week. 

Click here to see the data!


Head Coach - Cameron Beckham

Tentative Dates

10/29/16 - HMS Invitational (Haughton Middle School)

  • Arrive by 7:40 for 8am flight
  • Arrive by 8:30 for 2nd flight

12/03/16 - HMS Winter Invitational (Haughton Middle School)

  • Arrive by 7:40 for 8am flight
  • Arrive by 8:30 for 2nd flight

01/13/17 - Shooting for Gold (Kingston Elem Charity Virtual Tournament)

  • Completed at practice

01/21/17 - North Regionals (Shreveport Convention Center) 

  • Arrive by 8:50 for 9:20 flight. 

03/04/17 - State Tournament (Shreveport Convention Center)

  • Arrive by 11:45 for 12:20 flight

03/17/17 - Friday Night District Shoot-out (Benton Middle School)

  • Arrive by 6pm for 6:20pm flight